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 Julie Knighton

What is Body Balance?

Body Balance for Performance is the complete golf health and fitness training program, which is individually designed for you to Feel Better and Play Better.

How does it work?
We work from the inside out, discovering how each person’s body affects his or her golf swing.  The Body Balance 3R Training approach combines hands-on body work and proven customized golf-specific exercises.

3R Training Approach

Using physical therapy techniques, Julie and her associates release or stretch muscle tissue in areas that limit your flexibility and range of motion within your golf swing.

Once you achieve your optimum degree of flexibility and range of motion, you must have the ability to control your golf swing.  Julie and her associates guide you through proven golf specific exercises that reinforce the use of your new mobility.

Now that you are comfortable in your new mobility, Julie and her associates strengthen your body to enable you to make a consistent, safe, repeatable golf swing.



Flexibility and Pain
At Body Balance for Performance, we focus on your flexibility and endurance, and we guarantee that you will spend more time on the course and less time on the couch because of pain or injury.

Power and Distance
How many golfers do you know that would like to have 20 yards more distance off the tee and the ability to power out of the deepest rough? At Body Balance for Performance, we focus on your core strength, balance and rotation. You will notice a difference in distance and power with every club.

Accuracy and Consistency
We concentrate on your endurance, stability and mobility which produces results in driving accuracy, greens hit in regulation, and fewer putts.